March Favorites

I can’t believe we’re already over a week into April! Honestly, March is usually one of my least favorite months because it is so cold and I’m always just SO ready for spring. It always seems to drag on but between planning a bridal shower for my sister and Jake’s 30th birthday, it flew by this year. Here are some of my favorite things from March! 

First up- this Living Proof Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo is a game changer for me! I can go about 3-4 days without washing my hair when I’m using this. I have been trying to stretch it out longer and my hair has really become more accustomed to going 3-4 days between washes and I owe it all to this stuff. It has really helped me “train” my hair. I could go on but it’s hands down the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used! It’s a little on the pricey side but their website runs specials frequently so I snag a bottle every time it’s on sale. Trust me – it’s worth it!

Next are these Contigo kids cups for the boys! I don’t know about you guys, but I HATE sippy cups. Haha that sounds dramatic, but seriously! Why is it so hard to find a good one that doesn’t leak or spill, is easy to wash, easy to transport? My best girl Jen told me I needed to grab these cups so she really gets all the credit for these! We have loved them. Easy to clean, easy to drink out of and do not leak.

The Goaldigger Podcast – y’all. I love listening to Jenna Kutcher. Even if you don’t have a “side hustle” or could not care less about running a business, Jenna is honestly so encouraging and inspiring. I feel like we are friends in real life because she is just so relatable and down to earth. I usually listen to her podcast every week and she always brings a little motivation into my life. 

These hair bands are a lifesaver for me. I’ve actually been using them for awhile but I wanted to share them with you all now. I get headaches so easily – if my hat is too tight, if I wear glasses for too long, or if my hair tie is too tight. It may just be that I have a big head- haha- but these hair ties are awesome! They never give me headaches and hold my hair up so well. They don’t slide out and the best part- they don’t leave horrible creases in my hair. I use these to put my hair on top of my head at night (with my dry shampoo) and shake my hair out in the morning and restyle it… or just put it back up into a messy bun HAHA. (#momlife) These hair ties and Living Proof dry shampoo have really been game changers for my hair!


Lastly- this lego mat is amazing!! My mother-in-law got this for Easton for Christmas and it is so perfect for legos! You could use it for any kind of toy, really. It is so convenient and makes clean up so easy. Just pull the string and you have a bag of legos (instead of a floor full of legos just waiting to be stepped on.😬)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found some helpful things! Have a great week!



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